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Food sterilization pot features?

Food sterilization pot Features:

1 convert the direction of flow: uniform temperature, circulating water Hassle sterilizing pot goes down, left, right, eight points, uniform conversion from the pot temperature to ensure sterilization, sterilization, cooling, cooling, each pot Heat distribution points, reaching the optimal bactericidal effect.

2 fast heating, sterilization time is short This machine adopts dual tank hot water circulation, hot water tank can be pre-heated to the desired temperature then retort sterilization, thereby reducing the sterilization time. Working medium sterilization process can be recycled, saving energy, time and manpower consumption, reduce production costs.

Sterilization and high precision of the machine using the most advanced technology and the most advanced Japanese computer components, the use of hot water pot conversion cycle, immersion sterilization, in the work process, temperature and pressure on the pot, sterilization time, inlet, exhaust Qi, water, drainage and other processes, all using computer automation, precision pan around 0.3 degrees. Ensure product color, taste, nutrients unchanged, maintaining the original flavor.

· Automatic computer control system uses the world's most advanced Q-type Mitsubishi PLC. · Large-screen 970 touch screen. · Temperature adjustment automatic temperature regulating valve. · Temperature display electronic pressure transmitters. o You can instantly print and store, graphs time, temperature and pressure. · All valves switch all computer program control. · Fully automated by computer programs without manual operation.

Retorts single formula can be set according to the user a number of different stages of the product sterilization temperature sterilization set multiple stages can also set multiple cooling stage , the use of bimodal sterilization, the product suffered the heat to a minimum, so that each products are sterilized under reasonable conditions.

Measuring the value of the function F DPCA according to different user requirements, were installed in the retort can be configured to measure the F value calculation function, all sterilization data, including sterilization conditions , F value of the time - temperature curve, time - pressure curve data processing software post-processing can be saved or printed , in order to manage through future production .

Food sterilization pot Scope:

Mainly used in canned ( such as: meat, poultry , fish , eggs, canned vegetables, etc. ) and high-temperature sterilization needs protein drinks ( such as: milk , soy , almond , coconut milk, peanut milk , walnuts, milk , etc. ) . Can be applied with a stiff packaging (such as: three tin cans , glass bottles and cans HDPE), cooking bags. Especially for soft canned ( such as: ham, chicken cooking bags , braised chicken , milk , etc. ) . Note : sterilization pot size can be customized according to user requirements , there are countries where the pressure vessel certificate , you can rest assured and safe to use.


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