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Electric heating mezzanine pot features?

Uses and characteristics of electric heating mezzanine pot
     1 Purpose: sandwich pot (stainless steel pot sandwich), widely used in confectionery, pharmaceutical, dairy, alcohol, cakes, drinks, marmalades, canned food processing, can also be used for large restaurant or canteen soup, cook, stew meat, porridge, is food processing to improve quality, reduce time, improve the working conditions of good equipment.
     Two characteristics: the pot with 380V electricity as the heat source, mezzanine built electric rods, thermocouple and thermal oil up to 150 ℃, controlled by the electronic control box. With heating area, high thermal efficiency, uniform heating, the liquid material boiling time is short, easy to control the heating temperature and other characteristics. The pot layer pot (the pot) using acid-resistant austenitic stainless steel, beautiful appearance, easy to install, easy to operate, safe and reliable


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