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Retorts features?

Retorts Product description:
    In a wide range of data and results obtained on the basis of established design and quality standards.
    My company has developed products and manufacturing methods needed laboratory equipment and the latest technology to provide customers fully applicable to a variety of food and its containers.
    Using the most advanced technology to achieve the control, monitoring and correction of systematic.

Retorts Features:
1, the tank temperature is very stable and uniform heat distribution, to ensure that each point of the tank heat distribution is more uniform, water spray system at the four corners of each processing tank has a series of nozzles of the tray. Further, each layer disposed between the nozzle trays, and gave a very wide spray pattern. As the nozzle mounted vertically on each from the four corners of the tray continuous spray of water, so that the tank temperature at all stages of the sterilization process has remained stable state, thus reducing the value of F changes and cooking over other phenomena.
2, heating up fast
    Since only a small amount of recycled water pot, and high efficiency heat exchanger, so the food heating speed, under normal circumstances, when the steam pressure is 0.6Mpa, the food rise from 20 degrees 121 degrees, just 8 minutes, so You can maximize the flavor and color retention of food, but also to reduce energy consumption.
3, the indirect heating and cooling, preventing secondary contamination
    Circulating water is heated or cooled by indirect heat exchanger plate, while the cooling time, the same process water circulating continuously through the plate heat exchanger is cooled and the cooled product pre-sterilization until the completion of the process. Therefore, the recycling water has been sterilized prior to cooling and condensation of water vapor (pure water) on the device with a recovery system as a circulating water for sterilization, sterilization is completed, the pan surface and the water drops to dry the surface of the bag, and The scale does not leave white dots, the whole bag transparent, clean and prevent secondary pollution.
4, for a variety of different packaging materials
    Since the cooling process, not inject cold water directly to the pot, so for fragile glass bottles, soft cooling rate can be taken to avoid due to the temperature difference caused by broken bottles. This feature is also suitable for the contents of shellfish such as clams, cooling the temperature difference is too big, or too much heat will cause the temperature difference between the shell broken.
5, perfect pressure control for gas sterilization packaging

    We have obtained a patent critical sterilization system includes pressure balancing the gas packaging, in particular in the heating or cooling phase, requires accurate pressure control. "PACKACE" control system for the temperature and pressure of the processing tank for continuously monitoring and correcting for the tank pressure to a pressure corresponding with the package. For containing any percentage of air or gas filled packaging or vacuum packaging can be sealed in sterilized without causing damage to the packaging or content or deformed. This system differs from other systems can be applied to any of a variety of products pre-programmed into stress mode program into the computer.
6, the control system
A, using a touch-screen control, instead of the switch.
B, chart flat, not the scale table.
C, all the time by the analog sensor and automatic valve control.
D, can switch from single to multi-stage sterilization process sterilization process.
E, the pressure and temperature were digital display.
F, all processes are recorded on the disk.
7, retorting analog temperature control system, to finalize a multi-stage heating mechanism
Depending on the requirements of food sterilization conditions, ready to set different heating and cooling procedures, use of multi-stage heat sterilization ways to make food affordable to the minimum limit of calorie restriction, perfectly preserved as much as possible of its flavor, texture and color, so that every kind of food can be sterilized conditioning in the best condition. Accurate sterilization temperature (± 0.5 ℃) avoided due to high temperature and pressure processing method to produce cooking odors.
8, the measured values of the function F
I produced on each spray retorts are installed can be configured to measure the value of the function F, F value is calculated by the software once every three seconds F value. All sterilization data, including sterilization conditions, F value, time - temperature curve, time - pressure curve can be processed by the data processing software to be saved or printed, in order to facilitate production management.
9, storage sterilization formula
The computer can store at least 30 sterilization formula.


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