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Double water bath rotary retort several advantages?

Double water bath rotary retorts Features:

1, high temperature short time sterilization
Dual tank hot water circulation for sterilization prior to hot water tank is heated to the temperature required for sterilization, thereby reducing the sterilization time and improve work efficiency.
2, energy conservation
Working medium used in the sterilization process can be recycled, saving energy, time and manpower, material consumption, reduce production costs.
3, homogeneous water exchange, temperature uniformity, no dead
Using international advanced technology, the use of hot water circulation, immersion sterilization, the sterilization process, the sterilization of circulating water tank goes up, down, left, right, constantly switching from heating to ensure the sterilization tank, heat to cool, arbitrary uniform heat distribution points, effectively put an end to the sterilization process appears dead, thus making the product more stable and long shelf life. Sterilization tank temperature in the sterilization process has remained stable at all stages to ensure that the pass rate of F values.
4, the automatic control system
The entire sterilization process entirely by computer PLC control, once completed, without manual operation. Using charts tablet, use the touch screen controls, all time by analog sensors and automatic valve control, you can switch from a single to a multi-stage sterilization process sterilization process. Pressure and temperature were digital display, can be applied to any product all kinds of pressure patterns and temperature patterns are pre-programmed into the computer program input. The computer can store 100 sterilization formula so choose.
5, analog temperature control system, multi-stage heating mechanism can be set
Depending on the requirements of food sterilization conditions, ready to set different heating and cooling procedures, use of multi-stage heat sterilization ways to make food affordable to the minimum caloric restriction, nearly perfectly possible to save its color, smell, taste , so that every kind of food can be sterilized at optimum conditioning. Sterilization temperature accurate to ± 0.3 ℃, avoid excessive or sterilized product is not cooked thoroughly phenomenon.
6, the measured value function F
Each retort produced F value can be configured on the meter, the meter has function of measured values, F values calculated by the software once every three seconds F value. All sterilization data, including sterilization conditions, F value, time - temperature curve, time - pressure curve can be processed by the data processing software to be saved or printed, in order to facilitate production management.
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