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Horizontal retorts equipment Scope?

Horizontal retorts Features:

Horizontal retorts can be divided into steam to kill , kill two water sterilization methods , the water is killing the pot of hot water through the boiler steam heated to 121 ℃ after , depending on the product sterilization at different times , to achieve complete kill bacteria the purpose can be divided into the main manual and semi-automatic sterilization for meat , dairy products, soy products , canned fruit , beverage products, egg products and other food sterilization .

Machine design is reasonable , safe and reliable , compact, easy to operate , easy to maintain , easy to install .


Mainly used in canned ( such as: meat, poultry , fish , eggs, canned vegetables , etc. ) and high-temperature sterilization needs protein drinks ( milk, soy , almond , coconut milk, peanut milk , walnuts, milk , etc. ) . Packaging suitable for hard canned ( such as: tin cans , glass bottles and jars in first class ) . Especially for soft canned ( such as: ham, chicken cooking bags , braised chicken , milk ) .

Value :

After sterilization of food at room temperature due to transportation, storage and marketing , circulation greatly reduced cost , and long shelf life of the product , you can use fresh local raw materials in large batch processing, in order to obtain high -quality, low-cost products more seasonal difference and can make use of the sales surface area widened to obtain high profits.


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