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How to choose the retort?


First, retorts Overview:
1, Structure: retorts from the pot, lid, turn on the device, locking wedge, safety interlocks, track, sterilization baskets, steam nozzle orifice and certain other components. Lid sealed with silicone rubber inflatable temperature seals, reliable, long life.
2, features: with a certain pressure steam as the heat source, with a heating area, high thermal efficiency, uniform heating, the liquid material boiling time is short, easy to control the heating temperature and other characteristics. The pot layer pot (the pot) using acid-resistant austenitic stainless steel manufacturing, with pressure gauge and safety valve, good looks, easy to install, easy to operate, safe and reliable.
3, Uses: mainly used for sterilization pot food industry, medicine and other fields.!
Second, retorts classification and selection principles:
From the control points there are four:
1, manual control type: All valves and pumps by manual control, including water, heating, insulation, cooling and other processes.
2, electrical semi-automatic control types: pressure from the electrical contacts control, temperature sensor (pt100) and imported temperature control (accuracy of ± 1 ℃), the cooling process by a human operator.
3, the computer-controlled semi-automatic: the use of pressure sensors and temperature signals PLC and text display will be collected for processing, sterilization process can be stored, high precision control, temperature control up to ± 0.3 ℃.
4, automatic computer control type: the whole process has PLC and touch screen control, can save sterilization process, the operator can simply press the start button, automatic alarm after the sterilization is completed, temperature control accuracy up to ± 0.1 ℃.
From the sterilization of three ways:
  Are used when the general cannery for canned boiled for atmospheric heat sterilization of the forms of horizontal retorts , the device can be achieved by introducing compressed air counter- pressure sterilization. Need to be cooled in the pot as required by the pump into the pan on top of water pipe ( or using the water system ) .
When sterilization temperature by heating the can , the pressure within the cans more than the outer pot ( the pot ) pressure. Therefore, in order to avoid the Bolipingguan supercharger cover sterilization and jump on the plane protruding ends of tin cans , back pressure must be applied , in particular the need for high temperature sterilization of canned meat more on the case.
Sterilization using counter pressure , i.e. with increased pressure of compressed air to the pot to prevent the cans and cans jump convex cover , the operating conditions are as follows : As air is a poor thermal conductor , the status of the steam itself has a certain pressure. Therefore, when the temperature in the sterilization process, not into the air , but only when in the heat sterilization temperature is reached before opening the compressed air into the pot , so the pot increased from 0.5 to 0.8 atm. Especially after sterilization, when the cooling cooling , the supply of steam , cooling water into the sprinkler pipe . Since the pot temperature drops , condensation of steam , compressed air leaving the pot to reduce the pressure force to compensate.
In the sterilization process, should pay attention to the initial discharge , and then vent the steam , the steam circulation. Also deflated once every 15-20 minutes to promote heat exchange . In summary must meet the conditions specified sterilization , according to certain procedures , specific provisions sterilization temperature level , the size of the pressure sterilization , sterilization length of time and method of operation , such as canned products by sterilization process .


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