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Technology and market development of the food refrigerated transport equipment

Frozen food industry in the country will rise to become the fastest growing in the future a food industry has become a breakthrough of traditional food industrialization. Expected in the next 5 to 10 years with the development of the inflow of foreign technology and domestic technology, sound policies and regulations, improve people's living standards and cultural level, the food refrigerated transport will gradually improve and perfect.
Frozen food and ice temperature necessary for the development of food machinery support and cooperation of related industries, and the formation of the system. Because cold food products made from raw materials to play after, must be kept refrigerated transport environment, only the entire cold chain link closely cooperate in order to ensure the quality of food, cold food needs of manufacturing, equipment manufacturing, packaging, transportation distribution industry and other related industries to cooperate with, and gradually form a more perfect system of cold chain industry. So focus on the development of commercial refrigeration equipment in the next 10 years include the following:

1 , grading develop fruits and vegetables, poultry and aquatic products and other raw materials for cleaning , sorting machinery and pasta , meat, vegetables and other front- molding equipment ;

2 , the development of various types of fast frozen concentrated core of key equipment and other devices , such as: spiral freezer , steel Freezer , liquid nitrogen spray device , immersion freezing devices and automatic control equipment ;

3 , the development of ice temperature storage , transportation, processing equipment ;

4 , the State should systematically organize technology to develop new cooling systems and refrigerants ;

5 , the development of transport refrigeration equipment and insulation , including insulation vehicles with various models of cars and refrigeration systems without refrigeration system , refrigerated shipping containers , an incubator for distribution and use of insulation boxes (bags ) ;

6 , the development of both microwave conditioning capability while maintaining the quality of the new low-temperature frozen food packaging materials , packaging materials change the current domestic simple , single backwardness ;

7 , to develop and promote the nice horizontal, vertical freezers , display cabinets , display cabinets, low temperature freezer ;

8 , the development of practical group meals in the microwave thawing equipment and a variety of fast food distribution equipment ;

9 , there are plans to build market frozen food distribution center , warehousing and automatic sorting and distribution to develop a computer management system ;

10 , emphasis on product distribution, to accelerate the supply of frozen processed food and efficient service.


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