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Global beverage and food processing machinery industry development direction

      Global beverage and food processing and packaging machinery market demand growth has remained stable only in the global financial and economic crisis of 2009 , had fallen to short. According to statistics ,2002- 2011 , the global beverage and food machinery from the $ 20 billion annual trade volume grew 50 percent to $ 30 billion , its growth rate is almost beyond all other engineering industries. Recently, international beverage and liquid food technology Expo Organizing Committee learned that the development of the global beverage and food processing and packaging machinery industry will appear sustainable , secure and flexible overall trend .
Sustainable and resource efficiency

Over the years, the sustainable long been not just a fashionable slogan. Responsible use of resources, more and more enterprises are being treated as a competitive advantage. Meanwhile , equipment and technology suppliers are also committed to providing solutions to this end . In recent years, claimed that all beverages technologies have made significant progress in terms of resource consumption: reduce water consumption in beverage production, processing with the use of heat and water recycling to ensure a positive energy balance ; using energy-efficient components significantly optimize the energy consumption of machinery and equipment reduce energy consumption up to 30% bottling equipment .

PET ( polyethylene terephthalate ) is a huge success continues. 2011 , up to 40 per cent of all beverage containers using PET bottling, and this proportion will continue to rise. PET containers to be popular because of its low weight not only enhance the beverage manufacturer's profit margins, transportation PET beverage bottles required less fuel , and environmental protection .

Safety and Quality

Safety and health related to the health of consumers of production is crucial where the beverage and food industries, machinery and equipment design and sanitation is one of the prime factors of product safety. Thus, each piece of equipment must meet not accumulate product residue, soil or micro-organisms, and easy to clean standard, this is the only way to eliminate microbiological hazards. Meanwhile, take control and inspection measures in the production and packaging of the whole process, is an important security guarantees. When necessary, we must ensure traceability. To facilitate the process tracking, control and respond to plant data to be saved. All these initiatives will enhance product safety.

Diversification and flexibility

Interpersonal differences in prevalence, the consumer beverage and food habits and preferences also vary. Extremely wide diversity of consumer preferences, and a product's life cycle is very short. For beverage manufacturers, innovation and rapid response capability to respond to changing consumer trends, is essential to maintaining competitiveness. This reflects not only on the product formulation, packaging is also reflected in its style and size.

These challenges require the production technology must have sufficient flexibility and quick responsiveness. If the product needs to add new ingredients, production processes must be adjusted accordingly, may require different temperature and dose process. To adapt to the new products, technologies and equipment must have fast switching capability. Automated recipe management is automated processing and efficient production control assurance. Especially in the packaging sectors, to meet the diverse needs of the market size of the packaging must maintain sufficient flexibility.
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