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Future direction of food machinery automation retorts

  China's food industry has developed rapidly, the pace of development during the "fifth" of 18% -21%. Food safety issues nationwide attention. Pay more attention to the "Eleventh Five-Year" period to improve the technology and equipment level of food security, the development of rapid and accurate identification of hazards in food technology and equipment factors, further development of resistant pathogens and pathogen control and prevention techniques and storage technology equipment.
Retorts machinery industry has formed more than 20 years, as opposed to the food industry, is a new industry. This 20 years is the world's fastest growing technology era, the continuous application of new technologies in the industry. The foundation of the domestic industry is weak, inadequate technical and scientific research, and its development is lagging behind, dragged to some extent the food industry and retorts back. Although the overall development faster, but food and retorts industrial development faster. In 2005, the Food and retorts machinery industry output value is about $ 6.2 billion, while domestic demand to reach 85 billion yuan, is expected to 2010, the domestic industry could reach 130 billion yuan output value (current price), while the market demand may reach 2,000 billion. This empty market attracted foreign equipment will be asked to fill. Planning objectives "Eleventh Five-Year" is to narrow this space to ask for the food industry to catch up with the world advanced level, "retorts big country" to "retorts power" forward, providing advanced technology and equipment, so that imported equipment in the domestic market the only role played Shiyibuque. This requires domestic food and retorts machinery more than 18% annual growth rate, the rate of new product output value reached 25%.

Retorts international development and food machinery is required to target large customers, driving customer requirements related to the development of large machinery mainly in the following areas:

First: Is the productivity requirements better. This can reduce the cost of the product to meet the delivery. High-speed machine requires sterilization pot before the procedure should be associated with convergence, without transportation links, including the control interface, the entire production line according to production processes and retorts are arranged in reverse to do to start, stop sequence. As cold filling production line, automatic on-line from raw material to plastic beverage filling and palletizing large retorts all automatically in a closed workshop.

Two: is adapted to update product changes. Retorts to have high mechanical flexibility and the flexibility of the production line to allow a certain range of sizes can vary the size thereof retorts. Because the product life cycle is much shorter than the useful life of equipment, product changes and retorts retorts will not replace the expensive production lines.

Three: a device common faults quickly ruled out. Solutions entered into the computer in advance, when it appears to be a common fault diagnosis on their own, but also the implementation of remote diagnostics and troubleshooting.

Four: is required to have automatic recognition. On the one hand, can automatically identify the thickness, hardness, rebound retorts such material, is fed to the robot through the computer to adjust the range of motion to ensure that no rebound; the other hand, a variety of end products, such as chocolate or shapes snacks, etc., loaded into the same box, which is a regular arrangement. Production line transfer products are unordered, the probe can be used to scan to determine the location of materials of different shapes, and then fed back into the different robots, it will accurately according to the exact location of the items and direction into the tray, fast and accurate, to exclude Visual and manual finger fatigue. Shandong retort manufacturers sandwich pot factory in Shandong


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