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To protect the safety of meat products requires advanced dynamic sterilization technology撤


Meat excessive microbial problems highlighted how much of the total number of colonies to some extent, the quality of food hygiene marks the merits. In general, meat quality and safety issues arise nothing more than microbes and additives, and the quality and safety problems caused by microorganisms accounted for 50%, although not pose serious safety incidents, but the corporate reputation and market competitiveness blow no trivial matter.
Easy exceeded microbiological meat partly because raw meat is rich in protein, fat, water and other nutrients, such as temperature suitable especially in the hot season, microbes will multiply; partly because the production process outside microbial Meat secondary pollution, such as sanitation difference between processing, raw materials and finished products in bulk serious contamination of microorganisms, such as in the transport and storage.

For meat production enterprises, such as the workshop, the workshop environment within the package if microbes exist, is likely to expose the air environment of semi-finished secondary pollution, thus making the product quality planted excessive risks. The latest NICOLER dynamic disinfection technology in the case of someone, sustained bactericidal action of the space environment, dust, low cost to help companies build a "sterile clean room." Also, note that: 1, in the raw materials, production processes and products are shipped to rely on detection checks, such as the detection of sensory, physical and chemical indicators, microbial indicators; 2, semi-finished products for the meat to be processed for viruses, bacteria detection, and for heavy metals, pesticide residues indicators sampling; 3, the quality and Coding quality packaging materials for testing; production testing with water; 4, in the factory, the main physical and chemical indicators of the final product, sensory indicators, microbial indicators testing, such as the need for pesticide residues, heavy metals and other final sampling. 

   In addition to the dynamic workshop environment sterilization and physical and chemical testing, but also need to focus on: 1, protection devices designed to facilitate the production of meat products for cleaning and sterilization, to avoid the production process constitutes a secondary cross-infection. 2, for the production of the device to stop running for several hours after the resumption of production must be flush with water or high temperature steam sterilization immediately after the machine stops running, to ensure contact with the material position is sterile. 3, improve the system, increase the ability to execute, such as the quality of the training of personnel, environmental health protection system, equipment and timely maintenance. Only taking into account every possible contamination of the details to be able to protect the beverage product safety, quality and extend product shelf life.

For meat products contaminated during the packaging process vulnerable to air pollution, spoilage problems ensue, "Food dynamic sterilization machine" - this is the first domestic food companies a truly dedicated dynamic disinfection equipment. The chamber works with the latest equipment occurred three bidirectional NICOLER, disinfection process: high-voltage direct current pulses through the cavity so that the occurrence of a reverse NICOLER electric effect to generate a large number of plasma. Under the action of the suction fan, the contaminated air is drawn into the machine through the inner lumen occurs NICOLER with negative bacteria kill rapidly decomposed, the new mechanism is repeated three times to ensure complete sterilization effect, and then the combination drug impregnated activated carbon and other components secondary sterilization filter, after processing a large number of clean air circulation quickly, so keep a controlled environment, "sterile clean" standard. Since in the sterilization plant, may simultaneously in the workshop, so that the device is also called "NICOLER dynamic sterilization." In recent years, this equipment is also widely used for a number of large food companies packaging, cooling and filling link.

Food safety is real and advanced sterilization technology linked only to spare in production to ensure food security, in order to avoid the occurrence of food safety incidents. The use of advanced dynamic sterilization technology can effectively prevent the occurrence of food safety incidents, from this perspective, the need for food sterilization equipment development enterprises and food production companies complement each other to help the healthy and rapid development of China's meat business.


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