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The basic operating principle retort

I produced retorts basic working principle :

1 , sterilization pot Ministry of the tank, when the material is loaded sterilization basket and closed the door pan .

2 , the circulation pump in the tank after the filter sterilizing water is withdrawn and fed to the heat exchanger is heated using steam .

3, from the top of the sterilization basket evenly spray water in the tube material at the desired sterilization . Because circulating volume, pan temperature is very uniform. PLC automatically open or close the steam valve according to the measured temperature of the sterilizing water .

4 calculates the temperature of the pot in this desired pressure automatic control , exhaust valve switching , so that the whole sterilization process the pressure and temperature in the pot into a certain relationship. When the retort heating and insulation in the state , steam valves and traps open automatically , cooling water valve automatically closes ; When retorts in a cooled state , the steam valves and traps automatically shut down , cooling water inlet and outlet valves open automatically.

5 , after the sterilization , the circulation pump is stopped , the circulating water tank back to the pot to prepare for the next cycle of use .
Our company produces retorts , as well as horizontal retorts , dual-chamber sterilization pot , etc., must be able to find more view sterilization equipment you need.


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