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Sandwich pot in the application work?

Sandwich pot production company working in the application:
       1, using the vapor pressure shall not exceed the fixed working pressure for a long time.
       2, should be turned into the steam inlet valve slowly until the required pressure up, shut-off valve at the outlet of the condensate, if fitted trap, the valve should always be open;
      3, without the trap, the first steam valve open until there is a small overflow valve off and then open a small amount of water vapor in the degree to keep overflows.
      4, the safety valve can be used according to the user's own vapor pressure, self-adjusting. Wok in use, should always pay attention to changes in vapor pressure, with inlet valve adjust.
      5, after stopping the intake should pot straight cock mouth open, put the finish I water.
      6, tilting pan and stirring sandwich before the class to use, you should refuel in all rotating parts; stirring the pot sandwich components on a decent pot, cooked vegetable oil is recommended;
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