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Retorts normal use and maintenance?

Use retorts should work strictly in accordance with safety rules , safety procedures retorts following:
( 1 ) Operating retort process indicators and maximum working pressure , maximum operating temperature.
Operating methods and procedures and precautions ( 2 ) retort .
( 3 ) production run should focus on checking items and parts , as well as measures to prevent anomalies and running that may arise.
( 4 ) Maintenance of equipment deactivation .
Use retort operator should be trained examination should be strict compliance with safety rules and personal responsibility ; discovered irregularities promptly.
Retorts equipped with safety valves, pressure gauges , thermometers and other accessories , to maintain safe , complete , sensitive and reliable. Should be added in the course of maintenance and regular calibration . Jump start valve pressure is equal to the equipment design pressure should remain sensitive and reliable , should prevent the adjustment . Pressure gauges , thermometers were 1.5 accuracy class , the allowable tolerance of differences is normal . Lead-free seal pressure gauge may not be used , the gauge indicates failure, the scale is unclear, dial rupture, after relief pointer does not return to zero, seal damage, etc. should be replaced immediately . Thermometers should be regularly inspected, should be standard thermometer calibration positive , after being once a year prior to the use of nuclear , where the mercury column breaks and the standard temperature difference of more than 0.5 ℃ should be repaired or replaced.
Retorts should be checked regularly , at least once every six months external inspection , at least once each year a comprehensive test , test preparation and test items before , according to " rules " and the relevant provisions , the inspection report on file .
Should be kept in the course of self-locking wedge ramps , rollers, pans ear , sliding swivel flanges and other parts of rolling contact with the smear of grease and oil to ensure that the friction surface is lubricated condition.
When the device is disabled , should retort lid and the inner and outer surfaces clean . Brush the exposed machined surfaces with rust , safety testing and control instruments shall be sealed protective cover .
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