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ATB hot water immersion retort

Name:ATB hot water immersion retort



1.SIEMENS hardware and software. The temperature, pressure and time of sterilization are controlled automatically and accurately by SIEMENS PLC.

2.Energy saving and high efficiency. Two sets of retort use the same sterilizing water one after another. The sterilizing water and cooling water could be recycled which could help our user reduce the energy consumption.

3.Even temperature distribution and penetration. The internal piping design of the Antai hot water immersion retorts allow for even temperature distribution to deliver optimal come-up times. Water envelops the containers, ensuring even temperature penetration into the production from all sides.

4.Longer shelf life with the hot water immersion sterilizing process.

Applicable scope:

1.Cans: tin can. Tin canned, aluminum can.

2.Flexible pouch serial: flexible retort pouch, laminate film bag, high temperature cooking bag, vacuum bag.

3.Plastic container serial: PP bottles, HDPE bottles do not recommend to use.

4.Glass container: do not recommend to use.

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