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ATD electric hot water spray retort

Name:ATD electric hot water spray retort



   ATD electric heating hot water spray retort

Main character:

Electric heating system has been equipped with the machine to generate steam for food sterilization. Users can use the machine without boiler. It is very convenient and beneficial for the food manufacturer which has a small capacity production. The highlight of the electric heating retort is that it can use steam when you have a boiler which can help you reduce cost. Sterilizing water and cooling water can be recycled. Extend shelf life of food without preservative after food sterilization.

Applicable scope:

For all heat resistant and waterproof package material.

1.  1.Glass container: Glass bottle, glass jar.

2.   2.Mental can: tin can. Tin canned, aluminum can.

3.   3.Plastic container serial: PP bottles, HDPE bottles.

4.   4.Flexible pouch serial: flexible retort pouch, laminated film bag, high temperature cooking bag, vacuum bag.

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